¿What is Photowalk?

The platform The Photowalk platform is the first network based on the collaborative economy of photographers worldwide. Photowalk allows, free of charge, that photographers from all over the world come into contact with photography enthusiasts and the general public and can offer them their services through photographic experiences.

Photowalk intends that photo enthusiasts share their passion and experiences with other photography lovers and become photowalkers. And, in addition to sharing their passion, they can find a new way to obtain financial resources.

What experiences are part of the Photowalk platform? All we can imagine, always related to photography. From a tour of modernist Barcelona to learn to photograph buildings until a day in the harvest capturing the details of the grape harvest, through a night photographing the rehearsals of a samba group in Rio de Janeiro.

Who can be a photowalker? All those photography lovers, professionals and amateurs, who can offer their photographic experiences of all kind.

What does it cost to be a photowalker? Nothing Is free. Any photographer can be part of the platform and put their experiences within the reach of the community.

How does the platform work? Photowalk.live is a community of photography lovers that puts photographers and fans in touch to share experiences. The photographer puts a price on his experience and Photowalk is responsible for making the payment and the corresponding payment to the photographer.

What steps must be followed to be a member of the platform (host)? It’s very simple. You have to enter in photowalk.live and register as a host photographer. To do this, you must fill in the data sheet with the name, email and links to your profiles on the social networks that you want (optional). You can also write a short presentation, upload a video explaining who you are and also complete your profile with photographs made by you. Being a member of photowalk.live is totally free.

How to register a photographic experience? Once you have registered as a host photographer, through your profile on photowalk.live you can register your experience, which you make available to all users. Once you have registered as a host photographer, through your profile on photowalk.live you can register your experience, which you make available to all users. You have to upload a description of the experience explaining what it is (for example, spending a day in the grape harvest to capture photographs of this process; a photographic walk through the Madrid of the Austrias, the accompaniment of a couple on their honeymoon to take photos or an excursion to capture the best snapshot of the sunrise or sunset in the Dead Sea), details of what equipment is necessary to carry out the experience, tips on how to dress, place and meeting time with the user photowalker and, finally, how expensive the experience is. Once the questionnaire is filled in, you just need to publish it. To do that you must activate the option ‘register an experience’. Photowalk.live will study the proposal before validating it. Once validated, it will be activated to be visible immediately. This process will take a maximum of 48 hours, although in most cases, a few hours will be enough to conclude the process.

What steps must be followed to become a member of the platform (user)? It’s as easy as signing up as a host. You must include in the questionnaire your contact information and, if you want (optional), your hobbies as a photographer to receive, if you wish, offers related to your hobby.

Are the host and user insured while doing the experience? Yes of course During the duration of the experience, both the host and the user will have a liability insurance.